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Got MN inked at the Caroline Smith show last night.

Got MN inked at the Caroline Smith show last night.

On The Elevator.

  • Lady: I really like your socks! [pointing to my blue socks with white polka dots on them]
  • Me: Thanks! I just got them. They were on sale.
  • Lady: That's even better. You know, it's the little things like that in life that make us happy.

02.23.14 »

"Welcome to surburbia, welcome to the rest of your life. There’s no need to worry, no asking why… we’ve got cul-de-sacs and barbecues…"

-Suburbia. Jeremy Messersmith.

Shawn and I by some great wallpaper at the Walker Art Center.

My friend Shawn and I went to the Walker Art Center for an after hours party they had on Valentine’s Day. They had a preview of their new art exhibit featuring the artist Jim Hodges called “Give More Than You Take.” The exhibit had many pieces that somehow required the viewer to interact with them. The viewer became part of the art itself.

There was a hands on activity called Memento that had participants write a message about love or loss on a card which they decorated themselves. They then attached their card to a wall with other cards using string and nails.

Mine is one that says, “Love yourself first.” Shawn’s is the one below mine. It doesn’t have any words on it because he wanted to break the rules that night and be a renegade.